Flying Pig Software welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your software or website challenges. Our staff has the ability and experience to develop the most complex web or software systems. Try us! Please take a few minutes and explore our site. Thanks!

Skills available from our Flying Pig Staff: 

PHP 5, 7

  •  Object Oriented
  •  SQL, NoSQL
  •  Testable code (TDD)
  •  MVC Frameworks
  •  Wordpress, Joomla
  •  RESTful Web Services
  •  Version Control (Git, SVN)
  •  Amazon Web Services
  •  E-Commerce / Payment Gateways


  •  Javascript -- AngularJs , ReactJS
  •  HTML5
  •  CSS3 (LESS & Sass)
  •  SEO techniques
  •  Gulp, Grunt
  •  Bower, NPM
  •  Responsive websites (desktop & mobile)
  •  Cross-browser compatibility
  •  Ajax, JSON, XML
  •  Photoshop


  •  Authentication
  •  Real-time updates
  •  Twitter API
  •  LinkedIn API
  •  Instagram API
  •  Fan pages
  •  Social sharing features
  •  SEO Optimization
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Email Management

David Hearne

David has been involved with programming, computers, software development and website creation since 1985. He has been involved from a time when there wasn't any internet or Google to provide you the answers. David has seen the landscape radically change from computers running CPM operating system to today's Window, macOS, IOS, and Android operating systems.

David has been involved in designing and creating systems for financial institutions, train lines, small real estate companies and more. David's goal in the design of systems, including websites, is to move you ahead of your competition. He will make sure software or web apps offer you the convenience and speed provided by well thought out systems that will replicate your policies but automate the task as much as technically possible.

Assistance in database design
Assistance in database conversions
Advice on solving existing design or conversion problems


Uses the latest web technologies to make web applications.
Has coded in PHP and Node.JS in multiple projects to create custom API for large-scale websites and applications

Designs sites with HTML(5), CSS(3) and a touch of JQuery. Rahul loves coding things from scratch, but can also work with frameworks like Bootstrap, etc.

He has created many Single Page Applications using AngularJS and currently uses ReactJS in many projects.


Graduated in 1994 from Monash University (Australia) with major in Computer Science and Business Systems.
Experienced in developing hardware drivers, multimedia applications, database, graphics design and web programming.
Ranked #5 as the Best Freelancer in 2003.
Worked in a few web and programming projects for U.S. Government.

Iwa's coding and design expertise helped Flying Pig Software to win First, Second and Third place for best websites at the Press Club of Southeast Texas awards ceremony in 2014.
Total Sweep!
The sites are:
1. First place
2. Second place
3. Third place

Mark Wulf

As a social media expert Mark will determine what an organization's needs and goals are for social media. Once that is known Mark will decide the tactics that are most appropriate to reach the goals. Mark also manages SEO campaigns

Computer hardware and software support.
Software installation and training.