Subterfuge Publishing is an award-winning company that opened its doors and website in 2004.

Subterfuge Publishing decided to only publish a few select books a year that could meet their high standards.  

They now publish books by renowned numismatist and author Mike Fuljenz and political novelist, David J. Hearne. Both authors have had their releases well received. Hearne’s book, “June 17, 1967,” was one of the top-selling books about the men who fought in the Vietnam War and the battles they endured.

Subterfuge Publishing is a proud sponsor of the “PenCraft Awards.”
They have been involved in various book shows in Houston, West Texas, Denton Texas and more.
They don’t take full-length manuscripts, but they do welcome query emails with a submission title, synopsis, and manuscript except. If Subterfuge Publishing likes what they read, they’ll try to respond to your proposal in 10-12 weeks.

Subterfuge Publishing will accept queries for all genres.